Mini-Course: Finding Your Path to Freedom

Discover How Crystal Clarity Leads You into a Fulfilled Life

Beware the Boxer

Next Steps

Step 1

Establish a Fresh Connection With God

Jesus took this step prior to every significant miracle he performed. Really want to change your life? Follow his lead to gain a New Vantage Point so you can see your path to freedom.

Step 2

Uncover Something New About You

Take a step toward knowing your Character Identity, the essence of who God made you to be by following this link to take your free Core Values Assessment. We’ll help you interpret the results.

Step 3

Gain Crystal Clarity and Reach New Peaks in Your Life

Crystal Clarity leads to action, which leads to possibilities, which lead to a fulfilled life… This is your path to freedom! Take a bold step forward by scheduling your Reach New Peaks Advisor Guided Workshop. Our seasoned guide will come along side and lead you to your path. Who’s to say what God may do?

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