Mobilize Your Mission

Thought provoking and challenging, this devotional will lead you to discover your crystal clear, God given Mission, deepen your Intimacy with God, and get you moving down the path of adventure he made you for. You’ll appreciate using this as a manual for ongoing support throughout your journey.

Unlock Your Life

This concise volume contains practical steps that show you how, with God’s help, to break old patterns and move into rousing adventure. Easy-to-follow steps and practical exercises draw you into transformational intimacy with God, revitalizing your life. This proven system has been invaluable in the lives of many. Will you be one of them?

Ready for a deeper dive?

Partner with a seasoned guide… 
Our “Reach New Peaks” Advisor Guided Workshop
will transform your life, guaranteed!

Reach New Peaks Guided Workshop

Comprehensive, lifechanging, powerful. Trek side by side through our proven Mission Curve® process with our certified guide and unlock your life by gaining crystal clarity – who God made you to be, what he has you here to do and why you are the one to do it. Your life is incredibly valuable! We’ll help you get started on the right path.
“If you’ve ever felt stuck and discouraged, this workshop will help you re-energize and re-focus.”
~ Megan P

“This will take you somewhere unique and powerful. ”
~ Alan C

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