Imagine Life Fulfilled

God made you for a life fulfilling mission. Discover your unique life mission and more as you journey through the Reach New Peaks workshop with your dedicated Mission Curve Advisor as your guide.

Life Fulfilled—Guaranteed

Our transformational Reach New Peaks guided workshop will change the trajectory of your life. Your life matters! We see to it that you uncover who God made you to be, align with your life mission and chart a path forward into a fulfilling life. We guarantee it!

Mission Curve Advisors is your rock of support for every step of the way to living life fulfilled.


Deeper intimacy with God

 —his greatest desire for you.

The impact of your life

—your legacy

Knowing your true God-given identity

—so you can be free to be you

A faith-filled path forward

—diligently managing risk

The power of a crystal clear life mission

—inspired work, aligned life, direction

Launching into your adventure prepared

—focused, committed and well armed

Tapping into the passion of your life’s story

—why you are perfect for your mission

Being highly contagious

—expressing God in inconceivable ways

Reject a life you’ll regret. It’s time to Reach New Peaks.

Set your trajectory on the higher path to reach the adventure God made you for with our foundational Reach New Peaks Guided Workshop, but don’t stop there…

Gain valuable ongoing guidance, education, insight and encouragement from fellow adventurers by adding a membership to our exclusive huddle. 

Unleash your full potential by creating an ongoing Partnership with your guide by integrating bi-monthly coaching.

It’s time to Reach New Peaks.

“You simply can’t get a better understanding of your true self or greater closeness with God than going through this workshop and understanding the Mission Curve®. It’s life changing.”
~ RYS F. | Life Mission: Giving Changemakers a Voice

“It is emphasized through this process to draw near to God. Doing so brought affirmation and truth rather than fear and lies and ultimately helped me realize who God already knew He made me to be!”
~ AMY W. | Character Identity: Enricher/Adventurer

“If one is seeking direction in life and looking forward to new adventures, this workshop is the perfect trail map to get you to your destination!”
~ DAN B. | Life Mission: Shaping radical existence in the everyday

Workshop and Packages

Select your level of support

Advisor Guided Workshop


WARNING: This Mission Curve® Process Will Change Your Life – Guaranteed!

The powerful combination of our 9-module workbook (targeted readings, reflections, exercises) and 1:1 strategic coaching “Waypoints” ensures life breakthroughs. Discover the transformative language of the Mission Curve®. Identify your four power affirmations, answering: Who am I? What am I to do? Why me? What is the impact of my life? Crystal clarity leads to freedom, purpose and direction as you bring it all together by mapping out the path into your adventure.

Workshop Includes:

A printed or downloadable workbook

An in depth Orientation/Intake session

7 LIVE personal Waypoint Sessions

A stewardship plan to freedom

A map into your adventure

Our guarantee

Huddle Package


Your adventure begins with our Reach New Peaks Guided Workshop, but it doesn’t stop there, nor does your need for learning, support and accountability. Climbing higher is not always easy. We know from experience that alone we are vulnerable, together strong. Iron sharpens iron when you join our community of fellow adventurers. Combine your workshop with membership to our exclusive Huddle. Gain access to powerful ongoing teaching, guest speakers and testimonials and you will be ready for every step of the way.

Your Huddle Package Includes:

Reach New Peaks Advisor Guided Workshop

1 Year access to our private community group:

– Enriching educational resources

– Guest speakers and interviews

– Inspirational testimonials

– Peer support and accountability

– Online Reach New Peaks support line

Partnership Package


This is our most powerful and transformative offering. There is never a dull moment in your adventure with God; it’s inevitable when you aim for your higher path. You will make a deep connection with your guide as you work through our Reach new Peaks Guided Workshop. Keep your momentum going, stay focused, and reach your full potential through an ongoing coaching partnership. There is nothing like having a steady foundation of support through each step of your journey.

Your Partnership Includes:

Reach New Peaks Advisor Guided Workshop

1 Year access to our Huddle

26 coaching sessions

Email, phone and text access to your guide

On-going encouragement

Collaboration and accountability

Personal insights

Free Mini-Course

Not ready to commit to a full workshop? Take the three part Mini-Course, free!

“The master was full of praise. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!”

~ Jesus, Matthew 25:23

Coach’s Huddles

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Never Alone

The Bible makes it clear that alone you are vulnerable, but two can stand back to back to fight and three are like a triple braided cord that cannot be broken. Your guide is your number two. You’ll identify your number three—an accountability partner.

Three together, with God… whose to say what God may do?

God gives us just one life to live here on Earth. My heart breaks as I see person after person settling for mediocrity; choosing paths that seem safe, yet end in regret. Imagine never hearing the words “well done my good and faithful servant!”

I remember clearly when God brought me to this fork in the road. The choice was hard, yet I knew what was right and time has proven it true. As you stand at these crossroads, I pray that you will choose the path producing a harvest of 30, 60, or 100 times.

I started Mission Curve Advisors with one mission in mind: Unlocking Lives—Guiding Futures. We are here to help you in any way. It will be a privilege to be a part of your journey.”

Bob Black, Founder

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