Aim Higher

Feeling stuck? Unfulfilled? You will flourish when you aim for the higher path that leads into God’s adventure. We’ll guide the way.

Aim Higher

Feeling stuck? Unfulfilled? You will flourish when you aim for the higher path that leads into God’s adventure. We’ll guide the way.

When Christians are set free to pursue the adventure God made them for, their revitalized lives are contagious, vibrant… flourishing with no regrets.

But, something holds you back:

Mission Curve Advisors is your rock of support for every step of your journey.

We know how it feels to be stuck. No matter what holds you back, your higher path will become crystal clear as your seasoned guide leads you through our life transforming Mission Curve® process. It’s time to unlock your life and reach new peaks.

Who’s to say what God may do?

Reach New Peaks Guided Workshop

The Adventure of Your Life Starts Here

Schedule this workshop, engage your certified guide and trek together through our proven Mission Curve® process and into the adventure God made you for. Your life will flourish as your path to unimagined new peaks emerges from the clouds…

“The Reach New Peaks Guided Workshop was immensely helpful in giving me some concrete mental work to move the ball forward in my life.”
~ DAN B. | Life Mission: Shaping radical existence in the everyday


Deeper intimacy with God

—his greatest desire for you.

The impact of your life

—your legacy

Knowing your true God-given identity

—so you can be free to be you

A faith-filled path forward

—diligently managing risk

The power of a crystal clear life mission

—inspired work, aligned life, direction

Launching into your adventure prepared

—focused, committed and well armed

Tapping into the passion of your life’s story

—why you are perfect for your mission

Being highly contagious

—expressing God in inconceivable ways

Reject a life you’ll regret. It’s time to Reach New Peaks.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

~The Apostle Paul, Romans 12:2

The Mission Curve®

God wants you to be growing, have a sense of freedom, aspiring to your Life Mission. The enemy wants you to be self sufficient, complacent, fearful—Locked In.

“If you don’t make the Jump, you don’t get the adventure. The adventure is too awesome to miss.”
~ BRAD B. | Life Mission: Transforming the lives of those who transform lives

Are You Locked In? Find Out.

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Unlock Your Life: 5 Steps and A Jump to Living the Adventure God Made You For

A successful businessman wonders, “Isn’t there more to life than this? Dare I risk my comfortable life?” Seeing no way out, he settles—a hostage—doing his best to put a good face on. Must it be this way?

“A perfect book for anyone at a crossroads, seeking a fulfilling direction for their life.”
~ CARL CASANOVA | M.S. Founder, New Vibe Training

The path into the liberating adventure God made you for is closer than you think…

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