Beware the Boxer

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Way back when I was just beginning my engineering career, I became good friends with a guy I worked with named Mike. He was really into boxing. I used to go to Mike’s house to watch the Friday night fights. I had never really watched boxing much before so I knew little about fight strategy. I just thought that the tougher, quicker guy would win. Often this was the case but, over time, Mike taught me the strategies that good fighters use. I noticed that it was common for one fighter to get a cut near his eye. This was his death knell. The other boxer’s strategy was to focus his energy on that cut eye, relentlessly throwing quick jabs. The victim worked hard, using his arms as cover to prevent getting hit in his now blind spot. By doing so, he fell under the control of the other boxer who showed no mercy. The KO was just a matter of time.

We have such an opponent. Our woundedness makes us just like the boxer with the cut eye. We do everything we can to keep our wound from being exposed but the enemy knows just where to hit us. As he relentlessly pursues our wounds we fall under his power and Jesus clearly spells out his motive.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy….” Jesus Christ in John 10:10

Satan has no mercy as he strives to keep us away from God. He will do everything in his power to keep us covered up, cowering. He does not want us to experience intimacy with God because he knows as soon as we do, he will lose his control over us and God’s kingdom will expand.

Our response to the boxer is to hide our wound. We pretend it’s not there, anesthetizing it with food, drugs, drink, work, pleasure, laziness…name your addiction. He keeps us from feeling free to be ourselves so we pose as someone else. Fear of exposing our wound holds us hostage. Alone, we engage life without the guidance of God. Fear gains strength and begins to rule. Misdirected, we venture out on the wrong paths. Life is repressed and we never reach our full Godly potential. Our lack of testimony makes us barren and unfulfilled. Just what the boxer wants – in this state we are ineffective for God.

The good news is captured in the rest of what Jesus said:

“….My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” Jesus Christ in John 10:10

Jesus came heal our wound, restore intimacy and bring life to the full. Together, Jesus at the helm, we are free to become ourselves. He directs us into our life adventure and he stretches us through faith to reach our full potential. We witness the miracles of God and become highly contagious as we share unbelievable testimonies. Fulfilled. This is indeed good news!

But the boxer does not rest. The fruitful cycle runs its course and we become vulnerable again. Our testimonies lose power. The jabs begin, unnoticed. Comfort settles in, allowing distance to form between us and God. God calls us to go deeper, to get closer to him. Closer than ever before. Yet we find ourselves covering up again, not wanting to expose more of our wound. Have we forgotten the joy of adventuring with God already? Our adventure can easily fade into a distant memory.

Fending off the boxer at this point requires a new dive into intimacy with God. Something fresh, even awkward, to rekindle the relationship and take it deeper. In my book, Unlock Your Life, I introduce the concept called a “Spiritual S Jump” – The first step in the Mission Curve™ process and the key in opening up your adventure by restoring intimacy with God. We must be smart and aware of our adversary. Beware the boxer whose primary goal is to break the cycle of deepening intimacy with God. This is a spiritual battle and we must engage on the spiritual plain. Is it time for you to take this first, vital step?

The Mission Curve™ process is specifically designed to prepare you for all of the stages and cycles of your adventure. Help me do what God has called me to do by letting me help you do what he is calling you to do.

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